Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

At Live Breathe Shoot Iceland, we are committed to promoting the importance of landscape photography in raising awareness for the need to protect and preserve nature.

We offer keynote speaking in any kind of setting to educate, inspire and motivate your audience with a purpose.

What a keynote address from us can achieve

We can help to set the overall tone and context for your event or assist in wrapping up and continuing the conversation of your theme after the event, be it a symposium, festival, trade show or workshop, anywhere in the world.

Motivate change and create inspiration!

Our aim is to connect with your audience to inspire them to take action, whether that’s to pick up a camera and begin photographing the landscape around them or to take notice of a much broader issue at large.

Making a solid connection

We find and share common ground with others through our passion for nature, landscape photography and Iceland, while challenging others to think differently about the world we live in.


Recent topics

Storytelling in Landscape Photography

There is something strangely captivating about landscape photography; the open horizons, soaring alps, thundering rivers and lush valleys seep into you with each encounter. Curiosity sucks at your consciousness until you become restless, longing for the rhythms and dangers associated with the living presence of this world.

The land makes us who we are – we are part of the land, as it is part of us. This is the underlying context which epitomises the essence of a landscape memoir and which, when utilised to its full potential, can assist any landscape photographer in bringing forth a deeper, meaningful story.

Creating Emotion with Landscape Photography

Are you familiar with the impact of emotion?

The concept of evoking a palpable sense of feeling from deep within is a powerful tool in landscape photography that allows the viewer to connect with the environment in a profoundly personal manner.

Anyone can utilise technical skills to set up a camera in a beautiful location to take a nice picture, but it takes artistic skill to create a truly evocative photograph that speaks to someone’s soul.


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